In some cases we need a nutritional boost to come the aid of poor digestion or an upset stomach. These plant based superfoods are best placed to assist. Quite simply, add to your dogs meal each day to gain from all the healthy benefits.

Ingredients: Chicory root, Spirulina, Ginger & Hemp powder

✓ 2000mg of Chicory root in 6g serving

✓ High in Fibre

✓ Contains minerals Magnesium & Zinc

✓ Irish sourced Seaweed (Kombu & Bladderwrack) Higher quality than Chinese counterparts

✓ 1 x 180 gram pouches: 30 Servings 20kg dog

✓ Only 0.61p per serving

Dog Weight: 10kg
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Chicory Root

Unlike synthetic probiotics, chicory root is an incredible natural ingredient packed with anti-inflammatory properties


A natural source of essential nutrients, including protein, fibre, vitamins E & B, and minerals like magnesium & zinc

Irish Brown Seaweed

Its nutrient-rich composition nourishes the skin, improves coat health, supports immunity, and reduces oral odor, making it a valuable addition to a dog's diet


A great digestive support, relieving nausea, and reducing inflammation


Great for overall health and well being, contains vitamins, mineral and fibre