If a toothbrush is not available, a combination of two ingredients can help counteract and reduce the amount of bacteria that causes bad breath. Add our product to your dog's food or water in the morning to help them stay fresh for the day's activities.

Ingredients: Parsely & Kelp.

✓ High chlorophyll content & rich in nutrients

✓ Irish sourced Seaweed: Kombu & Bladderwrack

✓ Great for improving gum health

✓ Grounded Parsley

✓ 1 x 180 gram pouches: 30 Servings 20kg dog

✓ Serve daily for maximum impact

Dog Weight: 10kg
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Parsley contains chlorophyll, a compound known for its deodorising properties, which can help neutralise and freshen your dog's breath.

Irish Brown Seaweed

Its nutrient-rich composition nourishes the skin, improves coat health, supports immunity, and reduces oral odor, making it a valuable addition to a dog's diet.