Sometimes our closest struggle to relax and get anxious, this could be noise phobias like thunderstorms, fireworks or just separation anxiety. Our combination of ingredients is designed to assist you - add to your dogs meal when you feel they need a helping hand.

Ingredients: Valerian Root, Hemp, Spinach & Ginger powder.

✓ 2300mg of Valerian root per serving

✓ Packed full of Magnesium, Fibre & Vitamins

✓ 100% Organic powder

✓ 1 x 180 gram pouches: 30 Servings 20kg dog

✓ Only 0.63p per serving

Dog Weight: 10kg
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Valerian Root

Containing natural anti-anxiety properties, it offers mild sedative qualities to help reduce stress.


Contains omegas 3, 6, and 9, which can improve skin and coat health while also strengthening the immune system.


Rich in dietary fibre, iron, beta-carotene and packed full of vitamins A, B, C & K.


A great digestive aid, relieving nausea, and reducing inflammation.