About Us

Started in 2023, NARC is a premium superfood supplement designed to provide dogs with optimal nutrition to support their overall health and well-being.

Made with high-quality ingredients and void of any chemicals & preservatives,
NARC is specifically formulated to deliver the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that dogs need to thrive.
We believe our dogs need to come first, and so they should.

Mission and Vision

At Narc, our vision is to inspire and accelerate a Pawsitive Future for dogs and their planet. An earth-positive approach, where dogs and sustainability meet in harmony.

Each of our innovative creations is carefully crafted with science and purpose.

Narc thrives at the crossroads of science, purpose, and thoughtful design. Our commitment is to give back to the canine community and the world we share.

We are Narc. Welcome.

Our Planet

Narc is committed to being environmentally conscious, ensuring our suppliers and the sourcing of our products are as local as possible.

High Quality Ingredients

We pride ourselves on using only top-quality ingredients, ensuring the highest standard of products for your pet's well-being. It is all Organic.

Material Conscious

All of our packaging is recyclable. Whether it be our custom mailer sleeve or Poly pouch. We Are Material Conscious

Meat or No Meat

No judgement here!

We believe that every dog deserves optimal nutrition! Regardless of their dietary preferences, our goal is to provide an elevated dining experience for your dog! Focusing on superior nutrition and ensuring their well-being.

Artist Spotlight

At Narc, we believe in collaborating with talented artists to give them the spotlight. William Fairminer, whose captivating photography graces our product packaging.

When you choose Narc, you support your dog's well-being and join our commitment to local artists. Join us on this journey where every purchase becomes a testament to exceptional talent & passion of collaboration.